b-ok Download Books Free | New Working Website of b-ok.org

b-ok is blocked? Looking for b-ok working website? Then you’re at the right place where you’ll get all the information about the Electronic library b-ok.org and about their working domains. So that you can enjoy free books.

In this article, you’ll get some useful information about the b-ok website, full guidance on how to use b-ok for books download, Is it legal or illegal. So continue with the article.

What is b-ok

b-ok free ebooks download

b-ok is a part of ZLibrary. ZLibrary is the world’s largest ebook library. You’ll get almost all the famous and best seller books over there. b-ok.org is contained more than 4,792,958 EBooks on their server. The site is similar to the Torrent sites where you can Download Free Movies and Web-Series here users can able to download any Ebooks for free.

The company does not stand with only ebooks collection there are over 74,750,953 articles on their database. Some of them are paid and some are open source or free to use.

The company is facing many issues against the website and getting banned their domains in many countries. Because of this issue maybe you’re unable to surf the b-ok. But don’t worry have a solution with working websites of b-ok and method for unblocking b-ok. 

The domain b-ok.org is a mirror site of the famous website bookz.org.

b-ok websites


Here we mentioned some working websites of b-ok. Some sites are a mirror site of the main and some are the proxy.

Below mentioned two sites are for Books.

1. https://b-ok.org/
2. https://b-ok.cc/

This one is for Articles.


This is are the main and mirror sites of the main content of ZLibrary. But if those domains are too blocked in your country then for using the b-ok-org follow some method mentioned below.

b-ok.org safe: This question is really great because nobody wants to get a virus and spam on their computer and smartphones. So with my personal experience, I am using this site for download ebooks I did not find any kind of virus on b-ok.org domain. And not seeing any ads as well. So my opinion is that the site b-ok.org is safe to use.

First of all, you have to check is b-ok.org is down? For know what the status of the site click here and check. If the site is Up then following the method mentioned below.


If you truly looking for use sites like b-ok org then you need to use a VPN if the site was blocked in your territory. Because VPN let helps you to change your real IP address and if your IP was changed then the location was changed too.

For use VPN, go to the Google Play Store if using a Smartphone, Download any app. (Some famous name Nord, Turbo, Super) Go to the extension webstore if using windows and add anyone to chrome.

After successful installation, you to select a server from globally and activate it. Then follow the sites that we mentioned above for use b-ok. And enjoy the latest book.

Is b-ok is illegal?

The company providing free books to users. They contain the widest range of ebook collection in the world. It includes free as well as Paid ebooks. Where any country has no problem with sharing free ebook to the user for free. But when it comes to the paid ebooks and providing free. It’s the problem in some country.

This site is considered to be a piracy site in many countries. And for that, they not allowed to serve the internet with piracy sites. And considering as an illegal site. But not in all the countries.