These Are the Best Bachelor Seasons in Franchise History

Known for its hunky leading man and beautiful women vying for that man’s love, The Bachelor is the epitome of a dating show. The show has been on air since 2002 and with 24 seasons under its belt, it’s had highs and lows. 

In this article, we’re going to examine the highs and rank the best Bachelor seasons. From tear-jerking scenes to angry betrayals, each season of The Bachelor has its stamp on the show’s overall history. 

Drama always lurks even in the stalest seasons of the show. If you are here to find out which of the show’s best seasons are, read below to find out.

These Are the Best Bachelor Seasons in Franchise History
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Season 20

Season 20 was probably one of the tamest seasons of The Bachelor save for some tears. However, this season saved the best for last when Higgins told finalists Lauren Bushnell and Jojo Fletcher that he was in love with both of them. 

That is something that is considered a travesty within the Bachelor Nation. In the end, Higgins chose Lauren and Jojo went on to become the next Bachelorette. 

Their relationship did not last long either as the couple broke up in 2017. The entire season felt like a build-up to the final episode and boy was it a doozy.

Season 22

Season 22 was one of those seasons that left fans confused with the casting of the Bachelor. While Arie Luyendyk Jr. had some charm, the drama and the trainwreck that followed was shocking. 

A few weeks after proposing to Becca Kufrin in Peru, Arie found himself in hot water after dumping her while the cameras were still on.

Arie later admitted that he was still smitten with Lauren Burnham and decided to choose her instead. Everything was meant to be as Arie and Lauren got married and now have a daughter.

Season 11

Alas, one of the most popular seasons of The Bachelor was also one of its most compelling seasons. Brad Womack is the only Bachelor to have been given a second chance at love by appearing in two separate seasons – seasons 11 and15. 

However, Womack’s first appearance as the titular Bachelor was far more interesting due to one incident at the end. Womack was dubbed as the gentleman from Texas. 

Women loved him in his season but the drama was just around the corner as the final episode came in. He was the first-ever Bachelor to turn down both women during the finale and choose to end up alone.

Season 13

The show cast former Bachelorette hopeful Jason Mesnick after he was turned down for a second chance at love. A single father and a lovable soul, Mesnick was bound to find the love of his life on his season of The Bachelor. 

The premise for a fairy tale ending was there but little did the audience know, the drama was about to start. Season 13 had the most dramatic ending to a season of The Bachelor.

Mesnick sent fan favorite Molly Malaney home with tears in his eyes. He then turned to choose Melissa Rycroft and gave her the ultimate proposal. It wasn’t long after the show wrapped up that their relationship soured.  

By the time the After the Final Rose episode, Mesnick changed his decision and in dramatic fashion chose Molly in the end. Fans were left aghast with how this fairy tale turned out to be a reality. Mesnick is still married to Molly.

These Are the Best Bachelor Seasons in Franchise History
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Season 17

Probably the most perfect season title is held by none other than Season 17. Bachelor Sean Lowe was the perfect American guy whom everyone loved. He had the boyish charm and women were falling to his feet. 

This is the only season where fans yearned for him to pick the right choice and he did. Lowe asked for Catherine Giudici’s hand during the finale and the two were married. 

Two years later, they announced that they were about to have a child and the family continues to grow to this very day. If this is not the fairy tale ending you need when watching The Bachelor, nothing else is.


Throughout its many years on air, The Bachelor continues to bring good quality reality TV entertainment with its fights, drama, and happy endings. 

Some of them might not have had the best endings but these seasons prove that drama is what makes great TV.