Cool Google Tricks To Improve Your Searches!

10 Best Google Tricks To Improve Your Searches.

In a previous article, we discuss whats app tricks and it’s time for some google tricks.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. I am sure that you use google for searching anything.

But most people don’t know how to exactly search in google or how to find best results according to requirements.

So I do some research and find some tricks that really help you to improve your searching ways in google.

All google tips are very useful and google tips and tricks are maximized your search efficiency.

And also this all google tricks are works same with your Android, iOS, Windows, and PC.

Let’s get started with first tricks…

1. Use an asterisk(*) within quotes(” “):

Use an asterisk within quotes is very useful when you want to search something perfect. Ex. if you want to see, Which animal is bigger than Lion it’s easy to find write in google (“* is bigger than a lion”). and your result is done. google tricks

2. Use (“DEFINE:”____) To Search Meaning Of Word:

If you confuse with any difficult word and you want to find any meaning, noun, verb and all the details of this word so this google tip is for you let’s try to search related love type in google (“DEFINE:”Love) and the result is out Cool Google Tricks To Improve Your Searches!

3. Search Related Any Images: Google tricks

This Tip is Awesome and I think you should like. Google is minded so when want to find images data like image website, details, and blah blah… so open your Google click or search Google Images. Click and upload an image or paste your image URL and search for the result.Cool Google Tricks To Improve Your Searches!

4. Search A Specific Site (site:)

Some sites you like with and you want to see all the posts and uploaded pages by only one specific site than this method is for you. Search in Google Any site with (site:___) like a (  Now its easy to search all the content of your site.

This Method is used to search how many posts of your website is indexed in google it’s amazing.

5. Find sites that are  Related to other sites:

This Google Search Tips Is unique and help all the people it’s simple and very useful. let’s say your favorite website its anything. However, that website is getting a little bit boring and you want to find other websites like it. so now don’t bored and use this tricks. what’s to do next let’s see type in google like ( 

Now all the related Wikipedia sites are open but you don’t Wikipedia in the search result.


6. Use Minus sign: Google tricks

This one is amazing tricks in google. if you filter in some search like you want to see animals photos but don’t want to see tiger’s photos so type in a browser (animal’s photo -tiger) Go in your browser and check it out now. This was an amazing google trick.


7. Use Google search to do maths solutions: google tricks

Your maths is very bad. don’t worry google solve it very easy and fast. maths is very dangerous subject I am also weak in maths if you weak so comment down below comment box. when you confused in any maths questions so go on google and search like this (2 * 8 + 9) and your answer is ready by google calculator it’s easy.

8. Make It Simple: Google tricks

Google is making your life simple so now check your nearest stores and your favorite place to go on and enjoy. let’s see hows when you want to see how many restaurants for dinner is available near me to Go on your google and type (dinner near me) now google will filter with your location-based data and send your nearest dinner restaurants.Cool Google Tricks To Improve Your Searches!


9. Flip A Coin: Google tips

This Was An amazing tip ya such an amazing you never heard about this trick before. when you have not coin and you want to flip a coin and get the result then go on google and type or write (flip a coin and you have awesome results. so click and see.


10. Find a specific file:

An often forgotten feature of Google search is the ability to search for a specific file or file type. This can be infinitely useful if you need a specific PDF or PowerPoint file that you previously viewed or need to use for another project. The syntax is quite simple. (*Search term here* filetype: pdf) and the result is only book pdf is showed so this trick can apply on specific file that you want.

Cool Google Tricks To Improve Your Searches!


This All Tips And Tricks Is Simple If You Want To Advance Tips And Tricks So Comment Below