How to Download and Use This App for GPS Offline Services

Thanks to smartphones and the latest advancements in technology, the way we travel has significantly changed. We now have apps on our smartphones that help us reach any location in any place in the world. But there are tens of such applications, so it’s challenging to choose the right one.

The majority of the navigation apps work with an active Internet connection. However, almost all of these apps allow users to save offline maps and navigation data so that you can reach the desired place without requiring an Internet connection.

The applications presented below are available on Android, but also on iOS, and are some of the best apps for GPS offline services. They are also free but might come with in-app purchases for more advanced features. 

How to Download and Use This App for GPS Offline Services



One of the best apps for GPS offline services is MAPS.ME. This application comes with dozens of useful features, some of which are also available offline when your Internet connection lets you down.

Among the best features of the app, there are the following.

  • Offline maps and navigation
  • Online navigation
  • Travel guides
  • Detailed maps, including points of interest, hiking trails, and more
  • Up-to-date information
  • International availability
  • Traffic information

You can also find details on local restaurants (as well as on ATMs, gas stations, and more), read users’ reviews, book hotels (via Booking), share your location, and more. This offers plenty of versatility and functionality for the app, making it suitable to use for numerous purposes, apart from GPS offline services. 

MAPS.ME is a top-rated app on the Google Play Store, making it be one of the most well-appreciated apps for GPS offline services. The application is available on both Android and iOS

Sygic – Offline Maps & Navigation

Sygic is also one of the most popular apps for GPS offline services. Just like MAPS.ME, this app also comes with a whole bunch of features, including the following.

  • Offline maps and navigation via TomTom and other partners
  • Free maps updates
  • Millions of worldwide points of interest
  • Car connectivity
  • Traffic information
  • Safe features for drivers, such as speed limit alerts, dashcam video recorder (if a camera is available) with automatic save function, voice-guided GPS navigation, and more

With more than 200 million users around the world, Sygic is one of the best apps for GPS offline services. On Android, the application received a high rating by more than 1,5 million users. The app is free for Android and iOS, but it comes with in-app purchases for more advanced features. It might not be as complex as, but it is definitely worth checking out if you are still looking for the best app for GPS offline services

Google Maps (Maps – Navigate & Explore)

Maps – Navigate & Explore (formerly known as Google Maps) is probably the world’s most popular navigation app in the world, on both Android and iOS. The app is excellent and comes with a dozen of useful features.

When talking about apps for GPS offline services, we cannot omit Google Maps. While many of the most useful features of the application require an active Internet connection, you can enjoy offline navigation, though.

The app, however, will only allow you to save data of 120,000 square miles. That might be a downside for those who travel on long distances without having access to the Internet.

Among the best Maps by Google features, we have the following.

  • Real-time traffic data
  • Offline navigation
  • Accurate GPS
  • Public transit information
  • Street view features
  • 3D maps
  • Indoor maps for airports, train stations, and more
  • Displays local restaurants, points of interest, users’ reviews on various places, recommendations, and so on

The app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. It also boasts a high rating, and it’s one of the most popular apps for GPS offline services and navigation. The app is entirely free to use, but it contains ads.

How to Download and Use This App for GPS Offline Services



While there are many navigation apps, some are better than others. The three apps for GPS offline services that we mentioned above are among the best you will get for free. All of them require an active Internet connection to save the needed data and calculate the itinerary so that you can navigate offline afterward.