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Clean master review - many Android users don't know their android adware and clean master app is work or not. But they install it and clean phone daily but don't know actual their phone is cleaned or not, So now going on topic clean master review - I found one app on google play name called clean master and a 500 million google play store downloads It's such a big number and all the app developers want to achieve this.

What Clean Master Do? clean master review

Here's i collect clean master's reality


App finds junk files or stary files on Android and clears it. then they will say to you your phone is booster than before this feature called as Junk files but you can do it with your file manager just find hidden files and delete it's simple but we don't know ok.

The next feature is I see on the clean master app is CPU Cooler they say when your CPU is too high-temperature clean master have cool down temperature.

This is nothing you can also do it. but it takes some time, just go in your setting open your app manager and choose an app that you use most of the time and apps that work in background and Force Stop them. This process is scene behind of clean master CPU Cooler. if you have not time to do this then i suggest you to download an app called Greenify. This app is free to use and also ad-free.


Next one is Antivirus this is not very effective, I use Clean master for the last month and Antivirus just saying All Safe. It scans app when you installed from any browser or Google play, But this time all the android have App scanner is the In-built feature then we why need this App?

Clean Master's Extra Features                                            clean master review

This all has Four main feature of Clean Master, But I think this all has not effective or useful for android. The app is some more extra feature like a Private gallery you can hide or encrypt your photos or videos in this gallery so that only you can access it.

But gallery vault is now a basic feature in android and all the android have In-Built.


Safe Browsing protects you to various kind of cyber attack on your android. But Google Chrome has also one option that we called Safe Browsing that's same. To enable google chrome safe browsing to go in Google Chrome > Setting > Privacy > And check out safe browsing.

Notification Cleaner clear your all notification from the notification bar or from the Lock screen. But if you don't need notifications then go to setting and disable it, so you never get notifications to clear.

App Manager it just helps to uninstall apps or games from your android. But you consider that When a Clean master is not develope even then apps and games are also uninstalled from android.

I have get this all the feature's from a clean master and this all features have a not Impressive or useful work for android. This all is basic and simple work so that we no need to use this app. Because all the same feature is in most of the android have In-built security and clean up app.

Disadvantage Of Clean Masterclean master review

The app is consuming your data by showing ads in the app, it will also make ad junk in the file manager.

It is work always in the background so that it has required a lot of battery power and it consumes a lot of battery. it says they provide Charge Master but it does not work probably.

App is automatically getting your all the data of android. This is against to our privacy and security.

I Need To Install Clean Master?

I say never, I use it from last month and today I Uninstalled it from my android. Because they make you fool and only make feelings to you as your mobile is cleaned and faster. But it's not true, you can clean your mobile with some various app like Amplify, And greenify. I recommended this app because it has no ads and battery consuming is low.


I hope this review is reliable for you and you get all the best information about the app and you get a clarification about it. If you have a query about Android and Internet then you comment here we can solve it soon.

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