Check Out These Cool iPhone Texting Tricks

Communication is vital everywhere you go. As a matter of fact, iPhone users may see their iMessage app as one of the most used software on their iPhones. It’s already a given that this app is used every day, but not everyone is getting the most out of this. 

With the latest iOS update comes a number of iOS tricks you certainly do not want to miss out on. Learning these cool iPhone tricks allows you to get in on the fun. What’s more, these can keep your conversations exciting. 


To make your messaging experience one to remember, level up your texting game with these iPhone texting tricks. Check these out. 

Check Out These Cool iPhone Texting Tricks

Cool iPhone Tricks to Check Out

Bear in mind that to take part in these iOS tricks, your device must be updated with the latest iOS version. Likewise, the recipient must also have an updated iPhone system to see these effects. 


First, we'll go into some of the texting tricks you can use on iPhones, and then we'll also reveal some other cool tricks you can use in other aspects of your iPhone.

Send a Message with Creative Effects

Want to jazz up your message with a corresponding effect? These screen effects allow the recipient to see fun animations with different designs and patterns. You can send effects with any message. 

To do this, you can start by typing in your desired message. Then, proceed to simply hold down the blue send button. This will bring up a Bubble menu where you can choose from various effects that the receiver will get once your message is delivered. 


Among the effects you can choose from are Gentle, Invisible Ink, Loud, and Slam. The Eco effect is one of the most used, with this animation bringing with it tons of message bubbles. Meanwhile, the Balloons effect makes colorful balloons rise from the bottom of your screen. 

For those celebrating something big, the Confetti or Fireworks effects are winners in our book. The former option allows a shower of confetti to rain down, while the latter makes fireworks appear and explode right before your very eyes. 

Using Codewords

If you are not one for choosing effects, you can just go ahead and use codewords to get your desired outcome. Some of the most popular ones are typing ‘pew pew’, and a laser light show filled with colorful laser beams will come out of your text messages. 

Apart from this, keying on ‘Congratulations!’ will also yield similar results. This will give a wonderful show of confetti. Meanwhile, typing in a ‘Happy birthday’ greeting will make balloons show up on the screen. 

Sending a Kiss

Make your loved ones feel warm and fuzzy all over by sending a kiss over to them - virtually, that is. Touching the Digital Touch icon with two fingers (that is, the heart icon with two fingers on it) creates and sends a kiss to your desired recipient. You can also send a beating heart using this technique. 

Converting Currency

One of the most useful iOS tricks you don’t want to miss out on is this fast and hassle-free currency conversion method. From your Home screen, swipe down and key in a currency with a respective amount on the bar. It will automatically reveal your local currency. Magic!

Organizing Apps

A no-brainer, one of the simpler and more understated yet cool iPhone tricks is organizing your apps. Try this by holding an app down until it starts to wiggle. While still holding on to the said app, tap on other apps you wish to move so you can stack these and move them around your device. 

This nifty hack makes organization a breeze. So, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this when you need it.

Check Out These Cool iPhone Texting Tricks

The Bottom Line

Explore these iOS tricks today, and you might just have endless fun on your own and with your friends. These are guaranteed to elevate your messaging and overall experience in using your iPhone.

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