Check Out These Cool Things iPhone 11 Can Do

The release of the iPhone 11 caught everyone by surprise. It was packed with more features and technology that allowed for better processing and offered more quality changes - especially to the camera. While it may not be the newest iPhone in the market, it still stands high on the list as one of the best iPhones to be created.

While some people might want to think that the iPhone 11 just needs to be a better version of its previous iteration, the phone itself is by far a very good product. There are hundreds of other phones in the market that offer different cool features, but iPhone 11 stands out from the rest.


You might say that iPhone 11 is a very vanilla phone, but some features are extremely useful. Here are some of the cool things iPhone 11 can do.

Check Out These Cool Things iPhone 11 Can Do
Image Source: Business Insider

The Colorful Tones

The iPhone 11 was surprisingly very affordable - at a price lower than the previous phone that was being offered. Apart from its vast price difference, one very good feature of the iPhone 11 is its fun and colorful appearance. 


The iPhone 11 came in two brightly pastel colors of green and purple. These colors replaced last year's blue and coral color and made them even brighter. While most phones go for the metallic shade, the iPhone 11 wants to stick out from the bland color and make it look more interesting.

Powerful Camera

Another great feature of this iPhone model is its camera. Apple has certainly gone to great lengths to improve upon the camera and image quality with the likes of Huawei and Google crowding the market. Hardcore photographers can fully appreciate how the ultrawide-angel camera takes stunning photos and has Night Mode for low-light setups. 

Deep Fusion processing takes the best indoor shots, and the autofocus feature is sharp, accurate, and produces a very crisp color. Deep Fusion is similar to HDR where it takes multiple images and then weaves them all together. 


What makes Deep Fusion different is that it analyzes and optimizes the image down to the pixel level, thus making sure that the details are accurate. This provides a crisper and more detailed look on your indoor shots.

Longer Battery Life

If there is one thing that people need to expect from the iPhone 11, it is its long battery life. People who have been holding off for an upgrade should be picking up the iPhone 11 with its better overall battery life

This comes down to the processor where single tasks are fast and smooth. The phone truly shines when multitasking is involved. 

The phone is better at managing multiple background tasks without consuming a lot of battery power. The A13 processor has improved a lot, especially in terms of graphics performance. This allows the phone to consume less effort, thus extending its battery life to about a day and a half of intense use.

Check Out These Cool Things iPhone 11 Can Do
Image Source: The Verge

Game-Changing Processor

Speaking of processors, the A13 Bionic processor is even more powerful and battery-efficient than the A12 Bionic in previous phones. While the other processor has been known for its fast performance, the A13 is even faster. 

The A13 Bionic processor is capable of processing 20% more than the iPhone XS. This means that other features such as Face ID react faster, and you get to be on your phone a bit more than before.


With the new iPhone already coming out soon, the iPhone 11 remains a top contender to be the best mobile device of the year. Those who want to upgrade their phone should be looking at the iPhone 11 with its fun features and amazing performance. 

The improved durability, tri-lens camera, improved display, night mode, better processing power, great battery life, and Deep Fusion feature are just a few of the cool things this new phone can do.

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