Apps to Make New Friends – Guide for Men and Women

We live in an era of social networking as nowadays, almost everyone is active on one or more social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. While you can use these apps to make new friends, there are other applications strictly dedicated to that.

By using the apps presented in the following lines, you will be able to find people with the same hobbies as you, who live in your neighborhood, and you can even find your future wife or husband. Everything is possible thanks to these apps to make new friends.

The best part is that you can download and use most of these apps for free, but some of them come with in-app purchases or premium versions that offer more advanced features. All about that and more in the following sections on the best apps to make new friends.

Apps to Make New Friends - Guide for Men and Women



One of the best apps to make new friends is Nextdoor. This application is perfect for meeting people that live near you, in your neighborhood. This app is more than a social network where you can make new friends.

Nextdoor is perfect for reading the local news, finding garage sales in your area, book events in your neighborhood, and meeting new people. The application is free to download on Android and iOS. Nextdoor, one of the best apps to make new friends is ideal for connecting to your neighborhood hub and keeping in touch with other people who live neat to you.


This is another one of the best apps to make new friends. This application is designed for women who want to meet like-minded women. Particularly, this app is engineered for stay-at-home moms who feel isolated from the world.

Peanut, which sports a system similar to the renowned Tinder app, allows mothers to meet other moms that share the same interests, hobbies, and have kids of similar ages. Also, the application comes with a forum and a chat function where moms can ask questions and get the right answers.

The primary features of the app include these below.

  • Meet other moms – Find like-minded mothers to talk to and meet
  • Chat – With a built-in chat function you can keep in touch with your friends
  • Join groups
  • Share opinions and ask questions on the forum

Peanut is available for free on Android and iOS. The latest update, which launched on July 16th, brought several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.


One of the best apps to make new friends is Meetup, which is available on Android and iOS. This application allows you to find and connect with local groups of people and participate in online and offline events in your area.

Meetup features include the following.

  • Find groups and events that suit your interests
  • Search for new groups using keywords, a field of activity — from yoga to book clubs — and popularity
  • Join groups and meet new people
  • Create your own group

Meetup is free to download and use. The app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.


BarkHappy is one of the ideal apps for all the dog lovers out there to make new friends. The application connects you and your beloved pet with other dog owners in your area. You can easily organize group meetups with your in-app friends and walk your dogs together.

This application is the best one that keeps dog lovers from an area or neighborhood in touch one to another. In addition, other features are also available as below.

  • Find dog places in your neighborhood
  • Participate in dog events or create your own event and invite people
  • Lost and found alerts
  • Get exclusive offers and participate in daily quizzes

Barkhappy is available on Android and iOS for free.

Apps to Make New Friends - Guide for Men and Women



Meeting new people is now easier than ever, thanks to the dozens of social media networks that exist out there. However, the applications presented above are among the best apps to make new friends, especially those dedicated to that. 

All the before-mentioned apps are free to download and use, but they also come with in-app purchases for more advanced features or to get rid of those annoying ads.