Grubhub Driver Tips and Tricks – Learn Them Here

The gig society has developed into a crazy and wild economy over the last few years. Seemingly, emerging contenders enter the market and attempt to lay their hand at the greatest and the nest gig-like service. Indeed, a company’s formulated pitching stating that they are an Uber firm is too familiar these days.

Many such businesses only take a short time to fall off the pace, while others are committed to staying relevant, growing, and pushing into the new spaces. One such firm is GrubHub, which has been in the market long enough and has grown into a significant force within the US.

Grubhub is likely operating within your location, and this could present you with an opportunity to become a delivery driver. There are some tricks and tips that would be essential for any delivery driver assigned to Grubhub. Learn these tips below.

Grubhub Driver Tips and Tricks - Learn Them Here
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Restaurant Tips

When you are handling enormous orders, you would need to be smart to achieve your objectives. First, get to the restaurant before the set pickup time matures. Then, let the staff know you and tell them that you are on a mission to pick an excellent GrubHub order.

Also, put on your GrubHub hat and shirt to enable the employees and the diners to identify you quickly. Then, avail of several insulated bags and a small cart to assist you in managing the order. 

Note that you need these insulated to finish your delivery, yet they do not to be branded by GrubHub. Still, you need to recognize your order based on your customer’s name and the time for pick up. 

This will help you organize your orders and allow you to be fully prepared for the delivery. Similarly, you need to authenticate all the elements in the order with the restaurant staff when they give it to you.

Note Down All The Details

Note that if you encounter several orders, note down the diner’s details on their particular order. Consider having some primary markers that can help you in the event of enormous demands.

It is vital to ensure that you verify that you have all the items, giving specific attention to things commonly ignored like the beverages, condiments, side-dressing, and napkins/plates/utensils.

Moreover, to ensure food quality, separate the cold and hot items when you are ferrying them. Amazon sells all these items; however, this is not an endorsement. Also, some of them can be found from online sites and local stores.  

These items are Push Cart DollyInsulated Food Delivery BagsPermanent Markers.

Delivery To A Business Place

You may be tasked with going to residential spaces, yet, outstanding orders are targeting business delivery. As such, ensure that you arrive within a two-minute window of the pre-scheduled time. 

You need to understand that most of these orders are pre-designated to match the business gatherings. Therefore, if you arrive too early or later than the stipulated time, possess huge negativity on the diner’s experience, which may influence their connection with the driver. 

Further, it may have an impact on the willingness of the restaurant to tip in accordance next time. Additionally, expect that you are responsible for bringing the food to the diner, as they will not descend to come for their meal from you. 

Also, it would be wise if you monitor the app to verify the instructions. On the app, authenticate that you are the actual company.

Grubhub Driver Tips and Tricks - Learn Them Here
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Other Important Facts

Note that it is significant to liaise with the building’s security, as this is a general requirement within many organizations. In case you are leaving the food at the front desk, verify that the diner operates there and had requested a delivery.

Also, you may be required to organize the food. In this case, remove the items in the bag, and line them from left to right. Some of the things to set may include hot items, cold items, dessert & drinks, napkins, plates, and utensils.

Keep Your Car Gassed Up

As a delivery person, the last thing you want is to run out of gas before you reach your destination. You don’t want to reach late or deliver that food; thus, it’s essential to always gas in your car to avoid getting stuck along the way.


The above tips will help you maintain a good work ethic as a delivery driver with GrubHub. As a driver, you need to demonstrate excellent time management, customer service qualities, be a multitasker, and exude confidence when attending to details.