Douchebag Life Cheats List | Douchebag Games Cheats

Are you love to play Douchebag life? Then obviously you’re looking for Douchebag Life Cheats Codes. Here in this article, I’m going to presents full cheats codes list. So let me start

Playing games like Douchebag Life is very interesting. And when you add this cheats into the game, then you like more this game to play. Now let me introduce you with Douchebag life cheats.

Here I mentioned all the cheats that are working in the game.

Cheats For Douchebag Life

douchebag life

SHIFT + IFast Forward Time
SHIFT + UOne Hour Backward
SHIFT + SGet Instant Money

First cheat code is useful for fast forward game time. You can forward time up to one hour in one click.

Second one is to go back one hour in the game. You can go back for one hour and edit your steps again.

The Third is to get extra money in one click. You can get 10$ in just one click.

This all is the working Douchebag Life Cheats if anyone is not working or you are getting other problem in the game comment below. We try to solve your problem. And if you don’t know how to use this cheats & codes then continue with this article I write more about it.

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How to apply cheats in the game?

For use, this cheats in the game. It’s simple just open game and start to play. When you completed this task, then your douchebag life is hacked.

First of all, launch the game and start playing. Here You need to unlock (+) Button in the career menu. Don’t worry about opening this button do all the task, and you can see one by one button are unlocking start.

apply douchebag life cheats

When you can see Plus (+) sign in the menu, then stop doing the task and copy any cheats from our list and drop into the game. And then clicking on Enter will apply your cheat and you will also get rewards according to it.