Check Out Some of the Best Science Fiction Movies of All Time

From outer space to different worlds and planets, science fiction movies have always been a great vehicle for storytelling. Many sci-fi movies have tackled different philosophical themes such as individualism, religion, and spirituality.

These are the movies that offer great storytelling. Most of the time, they incorporate action and adventure into their themes to make it more appealing to the general public. Sci-fi movies for everyone but film snobs will love them more.

If you have wondered about science fiction films but could never decide which ones are good, we’ve got some advice. Up next we’re going to tell you about the best science fiction movies in the past few decades.

Check Out Some of the Best Science Fiction Movies of All Time
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Inception is a mind-blowing sci-fi action thriller that explores the mind of human beings. The film tackles the human subconscious and transforms them into physical environments where one can plant an idea. 

The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb who is tasked to infiltrate a rival company along with his team and implant an idea to his target. Movie buffs will likely spend countless hours dismantling this movie from scene to scene.

Every set piece of the movie has its theme and provides some form of a story for the characters. This sci-fi psychological spectacle never ceases to amaze with its twists and turns. 

The team visits the deepest and innermost levels of the mind. The ending also leaves room for even more discussion if Dom and his team have left the dreamworld or are they trapped inside it?

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is the pinnacle of science fiction movies. The movie is set in a dystopian future Los Angeles where actor Harisson Ford plays the titular Blade Runner who must track down and capture escapees known as Replicants. 

While slowly terminating or in this case retiring the captives, he begins to question his humanity and morality. Apart from its philosophical theme, the groundbreaking movie is filled with one of a kind aesthetics. 

Blade Runner prides itself on its world-building capacity and allows its viewers to fully immerse themselves in the dystopian world. Giant video screens, great special effects, and synth sounds from the 80s overwhelm the senses of its viewers.

Blade Runner is truly one of the most breathtaking sci-fi movies to have ever been created. A sequel was released in 2017 and was very much in tune with the original movie. Both movies have won many accolades.

Check Out Some of the Best Science Fiction Movies of All Time
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Snowpiercer is a sci-fi action film based on a French graphic novel. The film tells the story of how the last remaining humans on Earth are forced to live aboard a train where a social system is in play. 

The low-class are left to fend for themselves at the tail-end of the train while the elite live at the front of the train. The movie warns us of the idea of climate change as well as how cruel humans can be when pushed to the brink of extinction. 

The film tells a very realistic scenery of how humans will try to preserve their power over the others who do not have it. Snowpiercer debuted in 2013 to an overwhelming success both commercially and critically. 

It has won countless awards in the US. The film is also directed by renowned Korean director Bong Joon-ho and is the most expensive Korean film ever.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Do people also lose the emotion of love when they have amnesia? This is just one of the many questions that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind begs to question. The film is a 2004 sci-fi romantic film that tells the story of Joel and Clementine who have erased their hurtful memories only to realize that they were previously a couple with bitter memories and unresolved feelings for each other.

The movie leaves a lot of questions for its audience about love, memory, and second chances. It also portrays how humans can change once given a second chance in life and how it can try to love again after being hurt even after forgetting everything. The film not only poses these questions and themes but is also carried by amazing performances from Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

One of the most popular sci-fi movies of all time – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is a sequel to Star Wars: A New Hope. The movie follows our heroes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and the droids.

We follow them as they try to escape the onslaught of attacks from the evil Galactic Empire after seemingly succeeding in destroying its main weapon in the first film. If there was one Star Wars movie to watch, Empire Strikes Back is the one,

Not only does Empire Strikes Back build on the character’s relationship, but it also pushes the story forward with a jaw-dropping twist near the end that no one even saw coming. 

To this very day, it is still one of the greatest reveals of all time and has become an iconic statement. The movie is known for its action-packed sequences, lightsaber fights, breathtaking locales, and subversive storytelling.


Check Out Some of the Best Science Fiction Movies of All Time
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The Matrix

The Matrix might be known for its action martial arts sequences, especially with the iconic bullet sequence. However, this sci-fi heavy film also offers philosophical themes of individualism, the idea of destiny, and the essence of perception. 

The film stars Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson who uncovers the truth that he is living in a simulated world known as The Matrix. He finds out that humans have been sedated and their bodies harvested for their energy by machines.

The film is known for its martial arts sequences including the use of bullet time. Many of its scenes have become an inspiration to succeeding action films. The movie was heavily praised for its innovative special effects at the time.

The Matrix became one of the defining sci-fi movies of the late 90s. It was soon followed by two more movies which also delivered sci-fi nods as well as offer complex themes just like the original.


Arrival is a mind-bending sci-fi movie that follows the story of a linguist who is hired by the American Army to learn how to communicate with an extraterrestrial ship.

He must find out if the aliens have come in peace or to spark a war between two species. The movie is based on a short story called Story of Your Life and stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

The film is an exploration of existentialism and introspection. It tackles the ideas of time travel as well as the concept of destiny. 

The movie was released in 2016 to commercial success and overwhelming critical acclaim for its themes and non-linear storytelling.


Movies provide a respite from everyday life, regardless of their genre type. But great science fiction movies give you something more because they leave you thinking about a different world that might not have thought of. 

Sci-fi movies make you think about human experiences within the world you live in and the world you could possibly live in. Expanding your mind is necessary and science fiction films help you do that.