These Are 3 of the Best X-Men Movies

From the comics to the big screen, the X-Men have been awing fans and moviegoers alike. The franchise has spawned a good number of films since the very first one was released in 2000. Now, comic book and film fans have tons of material to watch for their entertainment.

Those who have been fans of the franchise since the comics were released and those who came on board when the films were released know that the movies' quality outperforms each other.  


Being extremely entertaining and visually impressive, these movies are definitely considered some of the best industry. If you are wondering which ones are considered by fans as the best, check out this list of the top 3 X-Men films so far. 

These Are 3 of the Best X-Men Movies

Top 3 Best X-Men Movies 

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class is the fifth film that was released in the franchise. First Class offers an origin story to Professor X’s organization and the rest of the mutants. It also showed the start of the rift between Professor X and Magneto. So, all in all, it was a prequel to the original trilogy.


This film came at a perfect time as many have been criticizing the quality of the trilogy. The Last Stand, the last movie in the trilogy, received a lot of feedback from critics. It revitalized the franchise and offered some sense of consistency to the overarching narrative. Perhaps this is why it got a score of 7.7 in IMDB. 

One of the strong points of X-Men: First Class is the casting of the movie. Back when it was released in 2011, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicholas Hoult were all known for their past performances. 

After the film, they went on to be recognized as great artists, which could have influenced the increase in demand for more installment in the franchise, which assisted in making the film an even bigger success. 


X-Men: Days of Future Past

Gaining an 8 in IMDB, Days of Future Past is celebrated by fans for its amazing graphics and mind-boggling scenes. It is also a favorite because it was the film that brought the original cast and the First Class members into one film. 

The story is indeed mind-boggling because it introduces time travel, a concept that has been proven to make the plot more complicated. Regardless of travel mechanics, this movie clarified some aspects of the lore within the X-Men universe.

Fan-favorite Wolverine also played a vital role in this story. Moreover, some of the beloved comic book characters such as Quicksilver stole the scene, especially with an excellent performance by American Horror Story actor Evan Peters.

The movie wins its spot on the top three X-Men movies because of its graphics, plot, and the actors doing a great job portraying their characters.


The X-Men movies are in no way perfect, but Logan might be the closest thing to perfection in terms of material accuracy, story, and performance. Following the story of Wolverine as an older man, inspired by the comic book series Old Man Logan.

Hugh Jackman, who has been playing the role since the beginning of the franchise, played the character superbly. It is perhaps his best performance of the character so far. 

This movie is considered a very emotional movie for most fans, especially because it deviated from the more ‘comic’ visual and storytelling techniques the franchise had and took a darker and more sinister route. 

These Are 3 of the Best X-Men Movies


The X-Men movies and comics are beloved by most fans. With great graphics, well-known characters portrayed by great actors, and a good plot, these movies are definitely some of the most-watched movies.

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