Torrentfunk Unblock | List Of Torrentfunk Proxy And Mirror Sites

Can’t access Torrentfunk? Are you looking for ways to access Torrentfunk? Then you’re at the right place here I’ll guide you on How to unblock torrentfunk site and provide some Torrentfunk proxy and Mirror sites so that you can easily access Torrent Funk Original Website.

You know in many countries like Indian, UK, US, and other countries their ISP(Internet Service Provider), Government and School, Colleges are blocked many torrent sites So that people can’t able to access those torrent website on their Phone or PC. But those sites are not blocked by Google or Any search engines so you can still able to use it because of its available at the internet.

The Torrentfunk

If you don’t know about Torrentfunk then read this before using it. Torrentfunk is one of the popular torrent sites. Where you can download movies, web-series, sports videos, games, ebooks and many other paid and free stuff. Without paying anything.

On the first page of this site, you can see some main menus like Movies, Television, Games, Music, Software, Anime, and Ebooks. You can download your favorite stuff from those menus.

This site is blocked in India So if you’re from India or any country where this site is blocked then read next section for the solution.

How to Unblock Torrentfunk

The main site is Copy this and paste it in your browser and if this was blocked then follow any one method from below and unblock Torrent Funk easily.


VPN is a famous and easy method to be anonymous on the internet. If you use a VPN then you can hide your identity from your ISP. They can’t know where from you’re accessing the internet. If ISP doesn’t know where are you from then they can’t block you from using any websites that blocked in your country.

Use of VPN is really growing up in 2019. Because of many countries blocked torrent and some other sites. So for unblocking those websites people are buying VPN and using it on Android or PC.

If you’re looking for Buy or Use Free VPN then I’ve listed some VPN names here. For Android- Turbo, Secure, Thunder, etc. For PC Setup, Nord, etc.

TOR Browser

This is one of the famous browsers in the anonymous and proxy sector on the internet. TOR (The Onion Router) helps you to be anonymous on the Internet. You can unblock any of the sites that restricted in your area.

TOR Browser


A web proxy is a method that is really simple and less time-consuming. In web proxy, you have to open a site that will behave like a search engine and erase your identity. Then you can serve on the internet anything, blocked in your area.

Here I’ve listed some Torrentfunk Proxy List that is useful for you to unblock this torrent.

Torrentfunk Proxy List

How To Download From Torrentfunk

Yeah! This is the main thing after unblocking of Torrentfunk you have to download your stuff. Let me just guide on download torrents from or their proxies.

  1. Active VPN on your Smart Phone or PC.
  2. Open any proxy sites that mentioned above.
  3. When you have opened torrent funk successfully Select a menu or Search bar to download the torrent file you want to download.Torrentfunk Download
  4. Now you can download torrents by clicking on the buttons under torrent details.
  5. Then open this file with a BitTorrent or U Torrent. And download it.

Wrapping Up:

In this article, I’ve included methods to Unblock Torrent Funk with the use of Torrentfunk proxy and mirror sites. And hope you understand how to do this.

At the end of this article, I want to ask you a question Can you unblock the torrent funk? If your answer is yes then comment yes and if the answer is no then please give me your feedback and I’ll fix it.

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