Teen Patti Hack Apk And Tricks- Get Free Chips In Teen Patti

Teen Patti is one of India’s most famous game. And many people are looking for Teen Patti Hack and I think are you one of them. If yes then read this article from beginning to ending. Because if you miss any tricks from here then you get nothing.

After Octro Teen Patti On Google Play, there are many Teen Patti games are available But most of the games are the same features and nothing interesting in those games. But Octro Teen Patti has a big number of Installs, Reviews, And Ratings.

It tells that Octro Teen Patti is the best game. And maybe you too are looking for an Octro Teen Patti Hack Apk or a good method to hack the game. Without Root If yes then read this below-mentioned tricks and tips.

How To Get Teen Patti Hack Apk?

Teen Patti Hack Apk

I also played Teen Patti game in my past time and got many tips and tricks that can be useful to get more Free Chips and Diamonds as well. There is no separate Teen Patti Hack or Mod Apk but there are several tricks that will help you make up to 1 Crore Chips.

But if any websites or apps are saying you to Complete tasks and Get Free Teen Patti Chips then don’t believe in them because it’s impossible. They will complete the task by you and earn money themselves but you will not get anything. So be careful from those sites and apps because There will be only a waste of your time.

But here in this article, I revealed many tricks that help you to get more free Teen Patti Chips Quickly so let’s get started.

Get More Free Chips In Teen Patti

Here are many tricks for getting Free Chips In Teen Patti. So be attached to this article for knowing all the tricks and tips.

Get Up To 70 Lakh Free Chips In Octro Teen Patti

Teen Pati Hack Refer And Get Chips

This is the first and an unlimited Chips Generator trick for Teen Patti. Because this trick is never to die. You can get Chips that you want. But you need to work on it and to stick with this trick. So let me introduce how to use this

First of all, let me say how this will works. This is official Octro Teen Patti Refer system where you can refer any of your friend or family member and if they will join Teen Patti Game then you will be rewarded for Up to 6,00,000 Chips. 

If you have a 3 Main teen patti account with a high level you almost get 2 Crore+ Chips for free.

So for this, you just need 10 daily Facebook accounts and I will tell you the trick for making these accounts without any Number Or Email.

For Creating Facebook account you need to emails and for the unlimited emails, you need to download this Temp Mail. And from there you can create unlimited temporary emails and after use of these emails, you can create unlimited facebook accounts for getting free unlimited chips in teen patti.

So let me discuss the main method after creating a FB Account.

Get Free Chips In Teen Patti

Now you have one original Teen Patti Account and one Temp Mail Facebook account. First, open Orignal account where you want to get chips. Now On the top left corner, you can see Invite option. Click on there and copy the code or note it on paper or somewhere that you have.

After that login with the temp mail facebook account. Then put the code that you copied from your original account and then you get chips in both your account new and old. After that transfer this new accounts chips into old account if your level is high in your main teen patti account you almost get 7 Lakh Chips.

Repeat this process up to 10 Account so you get up to 70 Lakh Chips for free in Teen Patti.

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Daily Gifts 6 Lakh Chips

Hack Teen Patti

Most of the Teen Patti game player. All have a minimum of 3 accounts. So with these trick, you can get almost 6 Lakhs Chips per day in Teen Patti for free.

This one is also an official offer that you can get 2 Lakhs Chips Gift from your Facebook friends who plays teen patti as well.

So for grab these chips, you need to log in with your account and go to the option GIFTS on the top right corner. And if you have many friends those playing Teen Patti you may see lots of Gifts from those people.

You can grab it by click on Accept and Sen All. Hope you get something new from this trick. Now let me go on the best and golden tricks its better than Teen Patti hack apk and tools also.

 Get Unlimited Chips In Teen Patti In Less Work

This is really amazing and unlimited chips making trick for teen patti. This works for you as Teen Patti Hack Tool. And you no need to more work. In less work, you can be multiplying your money.

Bet Now Teen Patti Hack Tool

We know that Octro has made many offers for their users. They also launched a Bet Now Offer. You can bet on various cricket matches and earn chips. If your bet will right and you win then your amount of betting will be 2x or sometimes more than 5x it depends on odds. 

So this is a golden feature to make your chips 200x or more. You just need the right prediction that you can get from many internet resources.


We hope now you have an idea for Teen Patti Hack. This all is the best method to get more free chips in teen patti. Because teen patti is a high-level security game so a hacker can’t hack the whole Teen Patti Apk for we. And not any websites provide you free chips so beware from those websites. If you have any other query on android and internet things so please comment below.

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