Tamilyogi Unblock | List Of Tamilyogi Proxy And Mirror Sites 2019

Are you looking for Tamilyogi unblock? Tamilyogi Proxy sites? Then you’re at the right place, here you’ll get all the information on How to unblock tamilyogi. With the Tamilyogi proxy sites, you can easily unblock the main site. And if these proxies not working then we’ve listed some easy alternative tricks for Access Tamilyogi.

In many countries, Mainly in India After coming of JIO many ISP and School, Colleges and other Public spots Wifi are blocked torrents sites, And that’s the reason why are you here. But this blocking is solved by many simple methods and here we’ve listed some easiest method for unblocking Tamilyogi site. So that you can easily get access to Tamil Yogi.

What Is Tamilyogi


Tamilyogi is one of the famous Indian Free Torrent Sites. Torrent is let you help to download pirated content from the web. And hope you know about torrent. Tamilyogi is kind of a torrent site. From there you can download the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and other Indian movies for free.

It is totally free to use Tamil Yogi you can download movies that you want for free. But after some new rules and regulations, they faced some issues against the site. But have a solution below if you want to continue using the Tamliyogi.

Tamilyogi Proxy And Mirror Sites

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Hope one of the proxy sites is working in your area, if not then follow method that I mentioned below.

Unblock Tamilyogi

Unblock Tamilyogi

If any tamilyogi proxy isn’t working then don’t worry here’s I reveal some easy and always working method for Unblock Tamilyogi from anywhere. In the last article, We discuss on Unblocked Tamilrockers Sites And Proxies. 

For unblocking any site here in this technology world many alternative methods are available. But some of them is not easy and not for several people like they just use android for entertainment. Some of the easiest methods that help you to unblock Tamilyogi are below.


If you’re using Android or PC from a long time then obviously you heard about VPN. VPN is very useful for hiding identity on the Web. And for that, it is too useful in Tamilyogi Unblock process. VPN gives you a virtual private network so that your ISP or Other blockers can’t able to know what is your real IP.

Now let me reveal you the process:

  1. Download any VPN App On your Android Or PC.
  2. Select any other country (Not yours) And Activate that.
  3. Open the browser and check your IP Location. (If it’s any other country then Ok. If not then change VPN)
  4. Now select Tamilyogi proxy and open it in a browser.
  5. Then you can see Tamilyogi is Unblocked.

Below is the easier and quicker method for Unblock Tamilyogi.

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Proxy Servers

This is one of my favorite methods for unblocking tamilyogi. But sometimes it is too risky to use.

On the web too many proxy server sites are available. They help you to Spoof your IP and Location from the ISP or other Blockers. For use this method you have to do is I open anyone proxy site and paste a Tamilyogi URL and Enter. Now the magic will happen without any app or software you Unblocked Tamilyogi.
Some name of the Proxy Sites:


But this method is sometimes too risky to use. So, I don’t suggest you use this method.


Some browser can help you to Unblock Tamilyogi Proxy sites or Mirror sites. Yes! this is really interesting you just need to open a browser and paste the site URL then your Tamilyogi site is unblocked.

TOR Browser can help you in this task. So you have to do is go on the TOR Browser Site and download it. It supports Android and PC also.

Over to you:

Hope you got all the things about How To Unblock Tamilyogi Site. and now you can able to do it yourself. If your answer is Yes then let me know in the comment and If No then explains where you getting a problem.

If any dead link you have seen then please inform us in the comment.  And suggest anything for better user experience.

This article is only for Educational and Knowledge purpose we’re not promoting any kind of websites that mentioned in this article.