Check Out These Cool iPhone Texting Tricks

Communication is vital everywhere you go. As a matter of fact, iPhone users may see their iMessage app as one of the most used software on their iPhones. It’s already a given that this app is used every day, but not everyone is getting the most out of this.  With the latest iOS update comes … Read more

Check Out These Cool Things iPhone 11 Can Do

The release of the iPhone 11 caught everyone by surprise. It was packed with more features and technology that allowed for better processing and offered more quality changes – especially to the camera. While it may not be the newest iPhone in the market, it still stands high on the list as one of the … Read more

A Brief Guide to Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator is a free tool for Mac OS X used for deploying and configuring iOS devices in the enterprise by using a physical USB connection.  The main purpose of the Apple Configurator app is to enable IT administrators to configure settings on iPads and iPhones before they are rolled out to end-users.  The administrators … Read more

See These Top iPhone App Development Companies

As Mobile app usage continues to increase, iOS solutions have become critical for strategic business growth. The main challenge for organizations right now is how to choose an iOS app developer, as they are very many out there. A good app development company should tackle all the needs the business has, especially when it comes … Read more

Learn How to Add Friends to Mario Kart iOS

Finally, it’s now easy for you to play the Mario Kart Tour game on your Android and IOS devices. This is a fun game that pits one player against another from around the world in silly races.  Unfortunately, the game does not allow you to choose a race against someone specific or people just yet, … Read more

5 Best iPhone Simulator For Windows

iphone simulator windows

iPhone simulator creates an iOS environment on PC or any Laptop. That means if you want to know or enjoy hows iPhone Operating System is working. you no need any apple phone you can enjoy even without any apple system. You need to just install anyone ios simulator. iPhones are very costly. So, Buying A … Read more